Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pre web vs. Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0

So my sweet and cool leather jacket got caught on a door yesterday morning. While this may seem inconsequential to you, it made me kind of salty. Also there was a tiny circle-ly area in my back that kept getting cold.

I want this fissure repaired quickly and effectively. After I got done googling different iterations of "leather repair kit" or "leather jacket repair I was taken to where the first result was this leather repair kit.

I was almost ready to buy, but then I saw the reviews.

I then looked at the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section of the page and saw that this product has a much better rating.

So it got me to thinking:

How would this catastrophic event have been handled differently in the two previous "Eras" (for lack of a better term) compared to how this played out today?

- The Pre-Iternet Era?
- Web 1.0 Era?

Maybe one day in class we will fix the hole and then post a review. Then we will be super-good web 2.0 citizens.


MSPIKES30 said...

i love it

i like how ppl is always learning how to express them self using technology that everyone knows about

skrueger said...

Glad to hear you can fix your jacket. Leather coats can get expensive and to have to just get rid of it would be a shame.

pauseplay92 said...

glad you found a way to fix your jacket inexpensively and easily. But, just in case you are unhappy with it...i know a spot where you can get a lambskin jacket (in tan or black) for only 70 bucks!!! WOOHOO!!!

futuremzwarren said...

well in pre internet era you would have had to go out looking for a place and spend loads of money. In web 1.0 era you would not have gotten to see those ratings to see what works and what doesn't. you would've ended up with something that doesn't work well.

Mr. Patty said...

Tear Mender kit is on it's way!!

Shipping Carrier: FedEx

Ship Date: December 10,2008
Shipping Speed: Standard
Carrier Tracking ID: 245163710035241

For super-fun you can go to and track the kit!!!